Breaking New Ground Together.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta represents the strength of the Dutch horticulture sector.

Breaking New Ground Together.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta represents the strength of the Dutch horticulture sector.


Dutch Greenhouse Delta aims to promote the Dutch horticultural sector worldwide. We are the one-stop shop for complex, large-scale projects concerning food and floriculture issues in growing megacities. By working together with Dutch state-of-the-art partners in horticulture, we bring an integrated Fork2Farm solution that offers a complete eco system consisting of science, enterprise, education, and the government.

Our Themes


Sustainable use of water is essential for the cultivation of your crops. We offer a wide range of solutions in the field of water management. From precise irrigation and reliable water disinfection to unique closed-loop systems.


Efficient use of energy sources is extremely important for a successful and profitable business. We offer solutions for a stable regulation of energy sources, efficient energy management and energy saving.

Supply Chain

Uniting in a cluster determines the successful position and the competitive advantage of the Dutch horticulture in the world market. We offer a complete ecosystem consisting of science, enterprise, education, and government. 

Human Capital

Investing in staff means staff can grow. We advise you on how to invest in Human Capital, including investing in knowledge, talent, experience, and appreciation to retain motivated and engaged staff.

Autonomous Greenhouse​

Data-driven horticulture revolves around the combination of data, plant physiology with today’s technology. This enables growers to improve the quality and yield of their crops and to grow more sustainably.

Indoor Farming​

This method of cultivation is fully controllable and predictable for taste and contents, and allows food to be produced close to the consumer, even in locations with extreme climates.

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Ter laak daylight kas

The Daylight Greenhouse

In addition to top-quality Phalaenopsis, Dutch family-owned company Ter Laak puts sustainable innovation high on the agenda. In 2018, working with partners including Priva and Stolze Installatietechniek, the company established the very first “Daylight Greenhouse” covering an area of over five hectares.

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Uday Bath Koppert Biological

‘Indian horticulture is booming’

Indian greenhouse horticulture is expanding at a rapid pace. And the ceiling has not yet been reached: the government wants to double farmers’ income by 2022 , which can be achieved by increasing productivity. According to Uday Bhat of Koppert India, a number of challenges still need to be overcome to achieve this, particularly in the areas of logistics and energy.

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