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Broekman Logistics, founded in 1960, is looking beyond its origins as a shipping agent in Rotterdam and has become a global end-to-end supply chain solution provider. Committed to long-term partnerships, we’ve evolved into a top 20 logistics player in the Netherlands, with a turnover of 250 million EUR and 1,000 dedicated employees.

Specialising in various sectors, our offerings encompass customised solutions in contract logistics, breakbulk terminal, international freight forwarding, technical assembly services, transport and distribution, shipping and port agency services, as well as customs clearance and fiscal representation. We are not just moving goods; we look beyond logistics and deliver the promises of our partners in the Machinery, Industrial and Chemicals markets. We are industry specialists.

Within our Machinery segment, we are a specialist in greenhouse, horticulture, and agricultural machinery logistics. We handle optimised, custom, and compliant greenhouse or horticulture items of all dimensions, from small components to heavy-duty equipment. Including but not limited to: traditional, high tunnel, smart or automated greenhouses, frames made from steel or aluminium, glass, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, vertical farming systems, packaging material.

Our extensive logistics services are bolstered by a global network of partners and agents carefully cultivated over the years. With our international offices in the Benelux, Czech Republic, Poland, India, and China, complemented by strategically positioned breakbulk terminal and warehouses in close proximity to transportation hubs, we deliver unparalleled expertise and efficiency in international logistics. Offering multimodal transportation connections, we provide direct access to European, North American, and Asian markets.

The seamless integration of our clients’ greenhouse operations into broader supply chain networks enhances logistics and market responsiveness. Through comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solutions, we not only support our clients in developing greenhouses worldwide but also contribute to enabling a sustainable food supply.

We deliver your greenhouse equipment and enable your customers’ successful harvest

Our logistic experts provide end-to-end supply chain solutions, covering every aspect of your greenhouse or horticulture supply chain. We handle optimised, custom and compliant greenhouse or horticulture items of all dimensions, from small components to heavy-duty equipment.

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