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Dutch Greenhouse Delta has the ambition to contribute to the provision of sufficient healthy, affordable food and sustainable ornaments, including flowers and plants. DGD promotes horticultural solutions from The Netherlands worldwide and identifies opportunities for horticulture in regions with significant potential. Together with the government and local partners, DGD explores the possibilities for commercial partnerships with these countries. We organize and participate in fact-finding missions or exploratory visits, of which we provide detailed reports to our partners.


Kazakhstan has been increasingly investing in its agriculture and horticulture sector, to achieve higher yields while reducing scarce resources and increase agricultural exports to neighboring countries. In recent years, collaboration has taken place with the Netherlands for knowledge, expertise, and innovative technology for sustainable food production. DGD’s activities promote Dutch innovate solutions to help Kazakhstan achieve its agricultural ambitions.

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Japan is committed to transforming the agriculture sector into a modern, sustainable, and resilient industry, aiming to establish a green food system. The country is willing to find effective solutions to increasing labour shortages and the adverse effects of biodiversity loss and climate change on agricultural production.  Innovations in greenhouse horticulture play an important role in addressing these challenges. With its controlled environment, the greenhouse offers the best opportunities for achieving minimal consumption of natural resources, agrochemicals and labour while optimizing yields and year-round production of high quality fresh produce.

DGD explores opportunities for mutual growth and collaboration in smart agriculture between Japan and the Netherlands. During the World Expo Osaka in 2025, DGD will be responsible for the horticultural programming within the Dutch submission. A great opportunity for bringing together Dutch and Japanese experts in agriculture technology and innovation.


Vietnam has been attracting significant attention for several years due to its outstanding potential in horticulture and floriculture. With diverse climatic conditions, a young and ambitious population, a large domestic market, a growing middle-income consumer group, and a favorable environment for foreign investment, horticulture and floriculture are among the most promising sectors in the Vietnamese economy. The activities of DGD represent a significant step forward in harnessing this potential.


Urbanization and climate change pose challenges to agriculture in Bangladesh. Available agricultural land is decreasing while the demand for food is increasing. Bangladesh shows significant interest in Dutch knowledge and expertise on protected crops to meet the countries’ future food demand. This provides Dutch companies with the opportunity to deploy their expertise and position themselves as valuable partners through the activities of DGD.


Agriculture is a major component of the Egyptian economy. Meeting the demand for food is one of the significant challenges for agriculture, as farmland is being degraded due to, among others, soil erosion, water shortage, and climate change. Protected Horticulture can provide practical solutions to sidestep soil erosion and reduce water loss through controlled conditions.

Therefore, driven by a rising need for food in lockstep with population expansion, agriculture must take significant and drastic steps toward efficiency and sustainability, utilizing technology, not just for invention but also to enhance and serve customers’ actual requirements.DGD is committed to laying the foundation for future collaborations that enhance the agriculture and horticulture sector within Egypt.

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