Recap Horticultural Study Tour to Egypt

From 12th to 14th of February, Dutch Greenhouse Delta has successfully conducted a study tour in Egypt, focusing on protected horticulture and cold chain supply, in collaboration with Delphy and the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC).

Commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the study tour aimed at exploring the potential for Dutch businesses in Egypt’s expanding horticulture sector. It brought together 17 companies and organizations, including DGD’s partners Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, Bosman Van Zaal, Grodan, Lumiforte, and Ridder.

Highlights included visits to local greenhouses, farms, and the organization of our seminar titled ‘The Future of Protected Horticulture in Egypt’, where more than 85 local entrepreneurs, graduates, and investors engaged in discussions about market challenges and collaboration opportunities.

The three-day program began with an insightful visit to Royal House, a high-end supermarket, shedding light on market demands, followed by tours to Cherryland Egypt’s diverse greenhouses. The second day featured ElGhandour farms and an in-depth seminar, while the final day led the delegates to Belco, one of Egypt’s major growers, culminating at Tulima Farms, known for their climate-positive hydroponic technology.

The study tour underlines our commitment to engage in knowledge exchange and bolster bilateral cooperation with Egyptian enterprises. Giovanni Angiolini, DGD’s MEA representative is set to compile an overview of the study tour, including observations and recommendations for future collaborative ventures.

This initiative not only promises to strengthen Dutch-Egyptian ties but also paves the way for sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices in the region.