China is facing a strong urbanization of its population and a growing demand for fresh and safe food by that urban population. To meet this demand, the Chinese government wants to modernize its agricultural sector. The current productivity per hectare is low, water use is high and suitable agricultural land is scarce and saline. In addition to technological innovation, the Chinese labor force must be trained to make this change in the agricultural sector.

This offers a great opportunity for the Dutch horticulture industry, as a forerunner in the world, to export knowledge, technology, services and concepts and to implement them in China.

‘NL Protected Agri Alliance China’

As of January 2021, DGD has started a PIB together with RVO. PIB stands for Partners for International Business and is a program that allows Dutch companies to realise their international ambitions in a public-private partnership. This PIB, called ‘NL Protected Agri Alliance China’, aims to position the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector in China as the cooperation partner for the development and implementation of integral and sustainable high-tech greenhouse horticulture agroparks near metropolitan areas.

The Netherlands is a specialist in combining all parties in the horticultural sector in a coherent agro-cluster at a single geographical location. We are promoting this cluster concept in China based on an ecosystem approach. The Netherlands is also a leader in the field of sustainable and energy-efficient greenhouse horticulture based on an increasing number of sustainable energy sources (including solar energy, geothermal energy, biofuels and combined heat and power plants), the use of LED lighting and the capture of CO2 released by heating the greenhouse. Efficient use of its own residual streams and those of other parties in the area is an important component of this.

There is a huge export potential in the future, because more and more Chinese are living in metropolitan areas. This potential applies to both SMEs and large companies that will work together to conquer this metropolitan market.

By joining forces, horticultural companies, the Dutch government, and knowledge institutions can present themselves more strongly than individual parties.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta coordinates the PIB NL Protected Agri Alliance China , in close cooperation with the Dutch government and embassy network. These companies are the cluster members:


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This whitepaper explains how Dutch knowledge and innovative technology can help China with sustainable and safe food production.

Learn more about the specific challenges, chances, and solutions, discussed by the China experts working for Dutch horticultural suppliers. Also, successful Dutch projects in China, are presented in this whitepaper.

Several parties and China experts have contributed to the paper, such as Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, KUBO, Ridder, Signify, and Svensson.

News related to China

Sino-Dutch projects in China

Mao Zhi Teng

About the project

Location: Tibet

Crop: Tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, and other vegetables and fruits

Type: Hydroponic

Surface: 3.328 m²


About the project

Location: Shaanxi, China

Crop: Strawberries and vegetables

Type: High-tech advanced greenhouse

Surface: 75.000 m²


About the project

Location: Kaishenghaofeng, Laixi

Crop: Tomatoes

Type: Climate-controlled greenhouse

Surface: 140.000 m²

Linxia International Flower Port

About the project

Location: Linxia International Flower Port, Gansu Provence

Crop: Cut roses

Haisheng Pingliang

About the project

Location: Haisheng Pingliang, Gansu Provence

Crop: Cherry tomatoes, Young plants

Type: KUBO Ultra-Clima® greenhouse

Surface: 120.000 m²

Baiyin City

About the project

Location: Baiyin City, Gansu provence

Crop: Tomatoes and cucumbers 

Type: KUBO Ultra-Clima® greenhouse

New Green and Beijing Cuihui

About the project

Location: Beijing

Crop: Flowers

Type: Academy

YouYou group

About the project

Location: Shanghai

Crop: Tomatoes, cucumbers,
peppers and lettuce

Type: semi closed greenhouse

Surface: 20.000 m²


About the project

Location: Yinchuan

Crop: Cut-roses

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