Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) is a powerful international platform, created to promote Dutch horticulture worldwide and to make sure that we’re identifying and capitalizing on opportunities.

We ensure that growth for the sector and our partners go hand in hand with providing solutions to an ever-increasing lack of space and food worldwide. Thanks to our unique ‘ecosystem’ of growers, suppliers, greenhouse builders, installers, seed breeders, research institutes, and universities, we can provide all knowledge and integrated product solutions necessary, to increase the production of fresh and safe food sustainably and efficiently.

First point of call

DGD is the first point of contact for governments, investors, retailers, and greenhouse growers seeking horticultural expertise and innovative total technologies. Given our wide and growing network, DGD is also the first point of call for its partners in the Netherlands who are seeking partnerships in South East Asia, China, India, or the Gulf-region.


Next to collaboration, matchmaking, visibility, and international networking, we offer our partners knowledge, information, and influence.


Join the other Dutch state-of-the-art companies and become our partner.

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