About us

Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) is a powerful international platform representing the entire ecosystem of horticultural expertise from the Netherlands.  

We serve as the gateway to Dutch horticultural innovation, collaborating closely with our partners to create sustainable ecosystems that address the global demand for fresh, high-quality products.

  • Integrated Fork2Farm chain approach to sustainable, efficient ecosystems
  • Local expertise: our representatives are experienced and based locally
  • Excellence in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
  • Comprehensive representation of the entire Dutch ecosystem; leading companies, academia and government
  • Collaboration with local stakeholders and industries
  • Creating long-term partnerships for guidance and support

Our purpose

In the quest for global food security and the development of sustainable societies, the need for locally produced vegetables, fruits, flowers, and plants has never been more vital. Dutch Greenhouse Delta wants to contribute to the well-being and lifestyle of today and future generations by greening the living environment.

Meet the team

Mirjam Boekestijn
  • Ambitious, enthusiastic and committed to promote the Dutch horticulture sector worldwide
  • Originating from a horticulture family
  • More than 10 years of experience in the horticulture sector
  • Project coordination and management skills
Gert Dral
Director China
  • Active involvement in developments and projects in China since 2004; and for South-East Asia since 2010.
  • Experienced director and supervisor at various companies and institutions.
  • Large network at home and abroad (Public and Private).
Desh Ramnath
Director India
  • Purpose and vision driven Change and Match Maker for Success.
  • Creator of innovative profitable business models that create impact, happiness and profit growth.
  • Strategic Business Developer with a focus on strategic advice to business development and general strategy.
Giovanni Angiolini
Director Middle East and Africa
  • Active in the MEA region for over 15 years.
  • Former Chairman Netherlands Business Council UAE.
  • Background in strategic- and project management, business development, media, and security management.
  • Culture-minded, flexible, adaptive.
  • Experience in creating and executing public-private partnerships.
Daria van der Heijden
Business Development Manager
Rianne Vink
Marketing & Communications a.i.
Ysabel van der Meer
Marketing & Communications a.i.
Michael Min
Representative China
Murteza Khan
Representative South-East Asia
Dgd team member
Tarannum Kadarbhai
Embassy Liaison Officer India
Abdulaziz Rabeh Alharbi
Embassy Liaison Officer Saudi Arabia
潘梦瑶 Mengyao Pan
Embassy Liaison Officer China

Supervisory Board

Joep van den Bosch
General Manager China at Ridder
Adri Pols
Chief Executive Officer at BOAL Group
Martin Helmich
CCO at Hoogendoorn Growth Management
Peter Maes
Peter Maes
Chief Strategy Officer at Koppert