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Technical supplier

Optimal control of greenhouse climate, irrigation and management

Ridder develops innovative climate, irrigation and management systems for horticultural projects worldwide. Operating globally the company specialises in adaptive systems that seamlessly match the knowledge level and needs of the local market.

– Total solutions from design to execution
– Worldwide dealer and partner network
– Committed to quality results
– Adaptive systems
– Strong in knowledge transfer
– Experience with large-scale projects

Helping you grow your way

With a high-lvel of expertise and commitment, Ridder offers total solutions to horticulture businesses across the world. The company optimises climate conditions and efficiency with its state-of-the-art computer, irrigation, drive systems, screening and management systems.

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Ridder Group

Ridder Arjen Janmaat

‘Indian government can help growers in the right direction’

India has long been the promised land for food production, but there are still big steps to be taken in the field of food safety and food security. This is all happening far too slowly, according to Arjen Janmaat of Ridder.

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