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We enable sustainable food & flower production all over the world.

Ridder is a leading smart solutions provider in the global controlled environment agriculture market. We believe that protected growing environments will enable growers and farmers to produce a safe, sustainable and sufficient supply of food and flowers for everyone on our planet.

Constant evolution of food production is essential. That is why we share our knowledge and technology, so that growers and farmers can produce local, safe and sustainable products, year-round, for everyone. We enable them to transition successfully to more efficient and, above all, more sustainable production methods.

Ridder provides connected smart solutions to optimize grower yield. We develop, produce and deliver hardware, software and services for greenhouses to construction partners and end users. We offer a wide range of product groups, such as crop management, process automation, water treatment systems, drive systems, climate screens, consulting & grower services, labour & productivity and robotics.

Helping you grow your way

From our locations in The Netherlands, France, Spain, United States, Canada, Mexico and China, 350 passionate Ridder colleagues are dedicated to enabling farmers and growers in more than 100 countries to transition successfully to more efficient and, above all, more sustainable production methods. Since 1953 we have chosen the best technical solution for our customers and developed the required new technology.

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PIB India signing ceremony

Dutch business cluster and government launch multi-year program to contribute to solutions for food challenges in India

On October 6, the covenant for the PIB NLHortiRoad2India was signed at the Netherlands India Business Meet in Ahoy, Rotterdam. This festive ceremony marks the ...
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Fulco Wijdooge

‘Big market for mid-tech in China’

The covered cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers is in great swing all over China. "This varies from very large-scale high-tech greenhouses to small-scale companies, ...
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Ridder Arjen Janmaat

‘Indian government can help growers in the right direction’

India has long been the promised land for food production, but there are still big steps to be taken in the field of food safety ...
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