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Dalsem is a leading greenhouse builder that develops complete high-tech greenhouse projects since 1932 that sustainably yield the highest quality and quantity of products in the shortest time.

DALSEM AIR – Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution

Our latest technological development is the DALSEM AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse. Dalsem designed the AIR greenhouse to maximize plant and crop growth by optimizing the greenhouse climate conditions in a sustainable way while saving earth’s natural resources. Our DALSEM AIR greenhouse is more flexible to adapt to greenhouse conditions than any other conventional or semi-closed greenhouse systems. 


The heart of the semi-closed greenhouse is our Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed System and an essential part of the energy-efficient climate control system. A solution that combines decentralized forced air ventilation and circulation to resemble natural airflow from above to the crop. By circulating and mixing greenhouse air with outside air or air from above the screens, optimal growing conditions are created inside the greenhouse. A practical and compact ventilation system which is strategically placed to cover the entire greenhouse resulting in less energy use, less risk and more production.

Unique to Dalsem

The complete control of the design, manufacturing and execution of the project on-site is unique to our company. All parts of the greenhouse are manufactured in our Dutch factory. In each horticultural project, we strive that the customer achieves the optimum yield. Training, management and consultancy to ensure the right conditions for growth, will make your project complete.

With Dalsem everything is under one roof:

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