Greenhouse construction

The future of greenhouses is blue

The global population is growing expansively and we are exhausting the planet’s finite resources. Energy sources are being depleted and water is becoming scarcer. In addition, the need to ensure food safety, buy locally produced products and reduce CO2 emissions has become crucial. With Full Service Grow Concepts, KUBO helps entrepreneurs meet today’s challenges and generate higher returns.

– High-tech greenhouse concepts
– More output with less input
– Family firm founded 75 years ago
– Full-service solutions
– Construction and implementation
– Production entirely in-house

Achieve your goals with Full Service Grow Concepts

KUBO’s Full Service Grow Concepts address all your concerns. The specialises in situation analysis, feasibility studies, construction and implementation and offer extensive consultancy services, including training, expert advice and operational support. You can rely on KUBO greenhouse projects to meet your specific needs and respond to local circumstances anywhere in the world.

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