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Priva is a high-tech company that specialises in horticulture service provision as well as indoor cultivation and non-residential construction. It provides hardware, software and various services to increase efficiency, lower energy consumption and maximise water reuse. With 450+ colleagues, 16 branches and 400 installation partners worldwide, Priva can always be relied on to deliver.

Sustainable and profitable cultivation

With Priva’s fully integrated greenhouse automation, the grower is in complete control of the cultivation process. All installations work together to achieve optimal conditions for the crop: ventilation windows, heating, screens, assimilation lighting and CO2 dosing, irrigation, humidification and cooling systems. Climate control, energy, water and labour are optimally aligned for an ideal, sustainable greenhouse climate.

Why Priva?

Partners cases

Ter laak daylight kas

The Daylight Greenhouse

In addition to top-quality Phalaenopsis, Dutch family-owned company Ter Laak puts sustainable innovation high on the agenda. In 2018, working with partners including Priva and Stolze Installatietechniek, the company established the very first “Daylight Greenhouse” covering an area of over five hectares.

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Indoor Growing

The advantages of indoor growing

Today, in theory, there is enough food on the planet to feed approximately 12 billion people, but the way it is distributed around the world is inefficient and unsustainable. As food is transported across the entire globe, its shelf life or freshness tends to deteriorate considerably and a lot of food often goes to waste.

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