One step closer to transforming Indian agriculture, together!

The Dutch horticultural expert network HortiRoad2India completed another successful trade mission to India, visiting Mumbai, Kochi, and Bengaluru. The goal? To learn and deepen collaboration with local partners to optimize India’s fresh food supply chain.

Highlights of the Trade Mission to Mumbai, Kochi, and Bengaluru

  • At the ‘Fresh Produce India‘ expo in Mumbai, the overwhelmingly full house underscored the interest and success in Indo-Dutch collaborations, particularly through the story of Lemon Chillii Farms. This not only reaffirmed essential contacts but also facilitated valuable discussions with decision-makers, infusing our Dutch narrative with a newfound depth and credibility.
  • In Kochi, a government meeting led to talks about the Resilient Kerala project, focusing on sustainable agriculture and agroparks.
  • The knowledge session in Kochi attracted a full house, signaling growing interest in sustainable farming techniques and Dutch innovation.
  • Successful visits to, and meetings with retailers, growers and local governments aimed at creating profitable impact together
  • In Bengaluru, the engagement was as strong as ever, with a keen focus on Dutch technology during the ideation session.

Trade Mission from India to The Netherlands (June 2024)

HortiRoad2India is gearing up for an incoming mission from India to the Netherlands during Greentech in June. A unique opportunity to demonstrate the business cases throughout the food value chain linked to Dutch greenhouse technology. Interested parties can reach out to Desh Ramnath for more information on joining the mission.

Many thanks to HortiRoad2India’s members Broekman Logistics, Priva, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Grodan, Meteor Systems, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, Cultilene, KUBO Greenhouse Projects, Bayer de Ruiter Seeds and coordinators Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Innovation Quarter and Rotterdam Partners, and RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency).