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The Netherlands has a pioneers position in developing innovative solutions for smart agriculture techniques. Holistic solutions from the Netherlands for producing food locally in a region with unfavourable climate conditions, involving water-energy-food simultaneously, can be of great use for further ensuring food security in countries worldwide.

Governments worldwide, and specifically in the Gulf-region have launched initiatives to focus on ensuring food security through various means, and are doing great efforts to become more self-sufficient.

This is exactly where we can join forces. A gradual shift from exporting food products to exporting knowledge and technologies that will help increase sustainable local food production fits in the current government policy of the Netherlands as well as the policy of different countries worldwide. Knowledge exchange on sustainable food production not only of regional, but of global importance to reduce environmental impact caused by food production

This video shows projects all over the world, where Dutch technology and knowledge ensure that crops can be grown year-round in a sustainable way.

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