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Innovative growing media for sustainable cultivation

Grodan is a supplier of innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions for the professional horticultural sector, based on Precision Growing principles. These solutions are, amongst others, applied for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, egg plants, roses and gerberas. Grodan combines their offer with tailored cultivation advice and innovative and digital tools to support growers in the sustainable production of fresh produce for the consumer.

Global player, local presence

Sustainability plays a prominent role within Grodan, from the manufacture of stone wool substrates to end-of-life solutions. Grodan is founded in 1969 and active in more than seventy countries worldwide. The head office is located in Roermond, the Netherlands.

Why Grodan?

Partners cases

Sander van Golberdinge

‘Water scarcity is by far the biggest challenge’

Substrate supplier Grodan from Roermond has this year become a partner of the Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD). “We can see many opportunities in the Gulf region and the Dutch Greenhouse Delta is helping us to jointly capitalise on them as horticultural suppliers. With the assistance of this unique network, we can offer many product solutions, services and knowledge for safe and sustainable food solutions worldwide”, says Sander van Golberdinge, Manager Public Affairs of Grodan.

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optimal use of water’s

Grodan: Every Drop Counts

Did you know even condensed water can be reused in the greenhouse? In the horticultural sector, Grodan aims to make optimal use of water’s value. Fun fact: less than half of the amount of water that is used when tomatoes are grown in soil is needed when grown in the greenhouse.

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