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Van der Ende Groep, founded over 30 years ago, is an inventor, manufacturer and supplier of technical products in the fields of water processing, air treatment and filtration technology in horticulture. The company offers specialist advice and fast, extensive technical services to customers all over the world.

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Van der Ende Groep aims to play a decisive role in addressing global water and food challenges, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world. The company mainly use its own innovative products, knowledge and experience and prefer to approach issues from a novel perspective. Innovation plays a key role within the firm, not only in the development of new products but also in the creation of customised solutions.

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Problems with water management are becoming more urgent

Lex van der Ende, Van der Ende Groep’s managing director, is proud – and for good reason. The company has been the source of various innovations, not least the Airmix ventilation and circulation system and the Poseidon, a technique that extracts sodium from drain water while retaining other nutrients. Lex says: “We don’t look at what is already on the market. We look at specific problems and create the best solutions.”

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