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Horticulture is in our genes. We use that knowledge and feeling to realize tailor-made foil and ETFE (F-CLEAN) covered projects that optimally match the cultivation wishes of the grower. In doing so, we also ensure that each foil project is carried out as efficiently as possible.

AgrowSer – VDH Greenhouses company is located at Coenecoop 450 in Waddinxveen, centrally located in the middle of the green Heart of the Netherlands. From its office, AgrowSer-VDH organizes everything related to greenhouse construction. 

The constructions are composed of high-quality materials, guaranteeing a long service life.

We use high-quality foils for our greenhouses, which are tailored to the application of the greenhouse and the climate of the location where it is being built. 

All systems of AgrowSer – VDH Foil Greenhouses are storm- and earthquake proof as well as almost maintenance-free due to the drive with high quality gears and electric motors.
We offer a guaranteed long lifespan for all components, because the facade vents move upwards and/or downwards as a whole in a framework.

We use insulated sandwich panels with perfectly fitting aluminum clamping profiles as an edge foundation. Besides the fact that the iso panels can be easily installed, the excellent insulating properties are a particularly great advantage. 

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