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Hotraco Horti is part of Hotraco Group, a globally operating group of innovative, technical companies, with a main focus on control technology-oriented solutions. Our various companies are specialized in creating and maintaining an environment that is optimal for living, working, storing, and growing for people, animals, and crops. The combination of knowledge of various sectors and our problem-solving abilities ensures that we always search for and find the best possible solution.
Hotraco Horti  is a specialist in the development and manufacture of customized mid-tech and high-tech systems that control, monitor and optimize all greenhouse processes. From ventilation, climate and motor control, irrigation and water regulation to greenhouse management. Our systems are very user-friendly that can be controlled remotely via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With our complete product lines and automation systems, we empower growers worldwide to optimize their enterprise. We not only develop demand-driven solutions, but also continuously create innovative, problem-solving, and technical solutions. This enables us to develop a suitable system for every horticultural company, for every application, for every climate condition and for each type of cultivation.
Over 50 years, technology has been in the service of performance. We like to think along and share our knowledge and experience to support our partners to move forward in a sustainable way. 

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