Focus regions

The Netherlands is the world champion in horticulture per square meter, thanks to a unique eco system of growers, suppliers, greenhouse builders, installers, seed breeders, research institutes and universities. This ‘Dutch Delta’ offers opportunities and solutions for the world.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta has the ambition to contribute to the provision of sufficiently healthy, affordable, nutritious and safe food, produced sustainably and locally. Together with our public and private partners, we focus on collaboration with three main regions where sustainable and efficient local food production is a top priority.


We are the cooperation partner for the development and implementation of integral and sustainable, high-tech greenhouse agro parks near metropolitan areas. Agro parks contribute to the need for the sustainable and efficient production of fresh and safe food.


Let’s create India’s future food system together! Dutch technology and knowlegde offers a profitable business case for sustainable production of fruits and vegetables. Indo-Dutch collaborations can produce and distribute high quality products for the growing Indian middle class!

The Gulf region

By offering a total solution, in terms of horticultural technology, management (guidance) and knowledge transfer, we believe we can help countries in the Gulf region produce fresh and healthy food and become more self-sufficient.