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Sustainably feeding global cities.

We firmly believe to have proven solutions to sustainably produce fresh & tasty food. The key to meeting the growing demand for food lies not only in increasing production, but also in minimising our environmental impact.
By embracing nature and innovation, we advocate for a shift towards plant-based diets and the global adoption of modern farming (CEA) practices, near large cities where the consumers need it most.
The CEA industry has transformed in the Netherlands over the past 100 years, which is something to be very proud of, but also something to bring to the rest of the world. It is our mission to lead the way in this transformative journey, rooted from the Netherlands to the world.

We team up with investors to support accelerated growth.

When developed right, a high-tech greenhouse should realize an unleveraged ROIC of 9%-15%.
We offer a comprehensive solution to investors who want to develop large-scale vegetable greenhouses. FoodVentures takes full responsibility of development, construction and operations, including sales & marketing when required. Therewith, we offer our investors a healthy, stable return on its assets.
Now we have proven to deliver we are ambitious to grow. With our blueprint for successful greenhouse operations, we aim to be involved early in the process, from initiation to exit.

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