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In our world of controlled environment agriculture we see a kingdom of opportunities

Controlled environment agriculture is changing rapidly. That’s no surprise when you think about how our society is in need of natural, unpreserved nutritions. And for that matter: how the worldwide food demand as a whole is increasing more and more. Right now cultivation of crops outside isn’t sustainable enough. At the same time many countries are aiming to become more self-sufficient. Technology and means are at hand. But from a business perspective smart choices are indispensable.
That’s where we come in. PurpleCrown is a company of tech-minded colleagues who all have earned their stripes in cultivation. Our experts all have years of close-contact experience, out there in the field. Making them fit for the job at hand. To hand our clients the best available tools and insights so the best results in agriculture can be obtained.

Our Ambition

All of our subsidiaries are aligned with each other and together we are all in line with our one ambition. We aim to be the world’s brand house where technology and cultivation merges and is put to use. For the whole of the CEA business field. Regardless of the branche or niche they are in.

Complex cases, a rapid introduction of new products and services… we can handle it all. When and where necessary we take a pioneering role, but in each and every setting we are goal-getters.

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