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Turnkey CEA facilities

Bosman Van Zaal is your one-stop-partner for technical greenhouse and indoor farming solutions.

Bosman Van Zaal develops innovative, sustainable, and integrated solutions in the field of data management, process automation, and fully controlled plant-based production and cultivation facilities and equipment. Their software and installations cooperate to create the ideal cultivation climate, the best use of space, the lowest energy consumption, and an optimum deployment of labour.

Their solutions are based on more than 100 years of experience in the international horticultural industry of food, flowers, and plant-based medicines. They provide these solutions to make businesses of knowledge-intensive frontrunners in breeding, propagation, ornamental-, vegetable- and soft fruit production, vertical farms, and research institutes grow.

Unique in its holistic approach of turnkey in-house design and realisation of complex projects.

From the head office in Aalsmeer and offices and agencies in 13 countries, experienced engineers apply new technologies for specific customer requirements. These technical solutions are used by companies and institutions worldwide, such as Bayer, Wageningen University, GrowUp Farms, HilverdaFlorist, and much more.

The core businesses of Bosman Van Zaal is to help growers by realising the most perfect cultivation environment possible, for the crop, the customer, and the planet. When producing crops destined for food, research, medicines, or cosmetics, where the quality of the basic product, growing environment and processing is of vital importance, a CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) facility might be the solution to achieve that perfect environment.

When designing complete CEA facilities, hygiene and efficiency are key for Bosman Van Zaal. They achieve this with logistical cultivation systems and robotics, advanced tracking and tracing software, fully closed and controllable facilities, and a smart HVAC design.

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