The Gulf region

In the dynamic landscape of the Gulf region food security, there’s an increased focus on ensuring local safe, fresh food production. A key move towards sustainability and self-reliance. The Gulf nations are in pursuit of innovative solutions and partnerships. Dutch horticulture experts, known for their sustainable practices, innovations, and advanced technologies, are eager to collaborate. Together, we can meet the rising demands for fresh produce in The Gulf nations.

Extreme climate requires innovation and sustainability

Dutch adaptive technology and resilient farming methods present opportunities to overcome obstacles which are faced in the Middle East, like water scarcity and climate change. The shortage of skilled labor poses a significant obstacle to the adoption of advanced farming techniques. By training and educating the workforce, we foster a transition towards more modern, sustainable agricultural practices.

Navigating the Future: 

Innovative farming entrepreneurs hold the future of The Gulf region. Dutch Greenhouse Delta is here to navigate these visionaries to food security, recognizing the challenges and opportunities for modern agriculture. Our platform represents the entire ecosystem of horticultural excellence in the Netherlands, consisting of leading companies, academia and government. Our integrated approach provides a comprehensive Fork2Farm solution, offering sustainability and efficiency throughout the entire value chain.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta takes the lead in orchestrating efforts to address the evolving needs of the Gulf nations, aligning Dutch horticultural excellence with the food safety strategy of Bahrein, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

We bring together stakeholders from The Gulf region and The Netherlands, fostering long-term collaboration to execute food security strategies.

News related to the Gulf region

Autonomous Greenhouse

‘Responding to consumer requirements in order to make optimal use of vertical farming opportunities’

Vertical farming projects are now sprouting up all over the world. Signify and BASF’s Vegetable Seeds Business are actively involved with these types of projects. They have emphasised the importance of specifically focussing as much of a vertical farming project on the consumer’s needs and requirements as possible. Both parties are looking into how they can strengthen and support each other here.

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Bas Duijvestijn
Supply Chain

‘Technology can mean a lot for the Gulf region’

Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects is a renowned greenhouse builder that delivers turn-key greenhouse projects worldwide. The company has its own R&D department and develops, among other things, new cultivation systems for diverse climatic conditions. Bas Duijvestijn has worked as Sales Manager at Van der Hoeven for four years and has been commercially responsible for the Gulf region for one and a half years.

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This whitepaper explains how Dutch horticulture can help boost local food production and contribute to achieving sustainability goals, which leads to:

Also, other successful projects in the Gulf are presented in this whitepaper.

Dutch projects in the Gulf region

Pure Harvest Smart Farms

About the project

Locations: Al Ain, UAE &  Saudi Arabia
Crop: Tomatoes
Type: SuprimAir
Surface: 10.000 m²

Armela Farms | UAE

About the project

Location: Dubai
Crop: Lettuce and Kale
Type: ModulAIR, Turn-key
Surface: 20.000 m²

Estidamah | Saudi Arabia

About the project

Location: Riyadh
Crop: Different vegetables and fruits
Type: Research on agricultural activities and crop management, control of environmental conditions, fertilization and irrigation methods and integrated pest management

Bustanica Emirates Crop One | UAE

About the project

Location: Dubai
Crop: Leafy greens
Type: Indoor Farm
Surface: 330.000 m²

The Green Mast | Saudi Arabia

About the project

Location: Riyadh
Crop: Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers
Type: High-tech hydroponics

Miraah | Oman

About the project

Location: Amal Oilfield
Type: The special greenhouses generate steam using solar energy; that steam is then used in oil production
Surface: 200.000 m²

Topian | Saudi Arabia

About the project

Location: NEOM
Type: Two separate horticultural test facilities as part of the NEOM development

Surface: 110.000 m²

Dar Aqua | Bahrain

About the project

Location: Hoarat A’ali
Crop: Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens
Type: Aquaponic farm

Elite Agro Projects | UAE

About the project

Locations in entire GCC-region

Crop: Vegetables

Agrico | Qatar

About the project

Location: Al Khor
Crop: Vegetables, fruits, leafy greens
Type: Aquaponic, hydroponic and indoor farms

Growy | Kuwait

About the project

Location: Al Wafrah

Type: Indoor Farm
Crop: 550kg of fresh salads and culinary herbs daily

This whitepaper explains how Dutch horticulture can help boost local food production and contribute to achieving sustainability goals, which leads to:

Also, other successful projects in the Gulf are presented in this whitepaper.

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