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“All giant leaps in technology and achievement come to us as a series of small steps, each building on the last one…to go just that much further than was achieved before.”

Many small steps over the last decades make that MJ-Tech are a leap ahead with high pressure fog systems for greenhouses and other applications. Steps that could and can be done given their focus. MJ-Tech designs installations which create fog and what makes them unique is their expertise to the entire process. From concept, engineering, producing own parts (e.g. all press couplings for the PressFog units) to assembly, factory pre-delivery inspection and testing, installation and commissioning. All tailored to your needs!

Your Partner!

Based on your initial thoughts about how to use micron droplets, we will jointly find a suitable solution. This can range from a single function as humidity control, to multi-functional usage where the same high-pressure pump-unit can also be used for disinfection or even early fire suppression. Also for glass or poly greenhouses or vertical farms, each of them unique, having different constructions, different crops, different climate control philosophies. One thing is common: more and more growers realize that a high pressure fog system is a key building block in an advanced greenhouse to control crop growth. For optimum humidity or adiabatic cooling, with less CO2 spoilage and lower water and energy consumption. All via truly 100 bar MJ-Tech high-pressure fogging, alternatives as pad-fan, roof sprinklers, low-medium pressure consume more water and energy.

Your ideas will inspire them and together they will make it happen! Focusing on giving you the highest possible return on investment.

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MJ-Tech; a rapidly growing and ambitious company has joined our cluster! The Brabant-based company MJ Tech has been producing tailor-made high-pressure misting systems to control crop growth for 30 years. MJ-Tech’s high-pressure misting systems result in an optimal temperature and humidity, allowing for better control of the crop’s moisture absorption.

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