New partner MJ-Tech

We expanded our horticultural eco system with new partner MJ-Tech. The producer of tailor-made high-pressure misting systems to control crop growth.

MJ-tech banner

We are very proud of the fact that 6 new partners have joined our cluster since January. Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to welcome Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Signify, Logiqs, Koppert Biological Systems and Grodan to the partner network and later this year the Brabant-based company MJ-Tech also decided to join. We work together with a total of 27 partners, with whom we jointly offer a horticultural eco system, consisting of science, entrepreneurship, education and government via Fork2Farm.

MJ-Tech; a rapidly growing and ambitious company

The Brabant-based company MJ Tech has been producing tailor-made high-pressure misting systems to control crop growth for 30 years. MJ-Tech’s high-pressure misting systems result in an optimal temperature and humidity, allowing for better control of the crop’s moisture absorption. This family business designs, produces and supplies high-pressure misting systems which are used in horticulture, agriculture and industry. ‘’However, the main focus is on horticulture’’, Commercial Director Jurnjan van den Bremer explains. 

‘’We provide tailor-made solutions for all crops. From processing and cultivation, right through to orchid production or lettuce and tomatoes. Our systems are also often used in organic cultivation, where the humidity must always be optimal. We’ve seen an increase here too, specifically as a result of the fact that an increasing number of strawberry growers are now growing their crops on racks. High-pressure misting systems are by no means just being installed in the Venlo greenhouses. We recently also realised an installation in Armenia, in 95 hectares of foil greenhouses. The demand for high-pressure misting systems has definitely seen a huge increase globally over the past 10 to 12 years and we are expecting this trend to continue. We are now mainly active in Eastern Europe, Canada, America and Mexico and we will soon be opening the doors to our first international site in Canada. We guide the entire process; from concept, engineering, production to installation and commissioning and we now do this in more than 40 different countries.’’

Hygiene and disinfection are becoming more important

The global population is increasing and world cities are continuing to grow too. ‘’You can already estimate that greenhouse complexes will be built within a radius of about 50 kilometres around a growing city, where lettuce, tomatoes or other vegetables are grown. Local cultivation is an irreversible development and Covid further fuelled the need for local and safe food. Hygiene and disinfection will therefore start playing an even bigger role’’, Jurnjan predicts. ‘’We cool adiabatically. This technique involves air being cooled by allowing water to evaporate. The energy required for that evaporation is extracted from the air, causing it to cool down. The grower can save both water and energy with this sustainable methodology. Plus he can pretty much keep the windows shut, so he’ll be spilling less CO2 too’’, Jurnjan explains.

Jurnjan has identified plenty of opportunities for continued growth with MJ-Tech. ‘’We have seen that growers want to be able to predict the outcomes of their investments even more effectively, which has led to closed greenhouses and indoor farms, where the climate is optimised. We also want to start offering solutions for these cultivation environments in the field of disinfection and humidity.

Mist systems

Strengthening the network

Jurnjan explains why MJ-Tech decided to become a partner. ‘’We are a small and rapidly growing company with clear ambitions. We see added value in going into a region shoulder-to-shoulder together, instead of trying to figure it out for ourselves. There’s plenty of overlap between the countries which are on MJ-Tech’s radar and DGD’s focus countries, like North America, Eastern Europe, the Gulf Region and China. The partnership with DGD also offers the perfect opportunity to strengthen our own network in the industry.’’

Dutch Dubai Sponsor

MJ-Tech will be sponsoring Dutch Dubai during the World Expo in Dubai. They will be using their system to control the humidity to guarantee the growth of the oyster mushrooms in the Dutch Biotope in the Dutch Pavilion. This will contribute to an overall more pleasant climate in the Dutch Pavilion. There are high-pressure misting systems on the stairs of the exhibition areas too, which provide cooling for the visitors.

Pavilion NL

The Dutch Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be open to visitors from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. The circular pavilion – referred to as ‘the Biotope’ – is all about innovation in the field of water, energy and food. Dutch companies, knowledge institutes and social organisations have specific knowledge and expertise in these areas and can therefore play a key role in finding solutions which will contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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