Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects B.V.

Greenhouse construction

Horticultural projects with IQ

Van der Hoeven has been designing and constructing horticultural projects around the world since 1953. The company helps growers and investors achieve maximum returns on their investments and can deliver the latest technologies and customer-specific solutions even in extreme climates.

In-house turnkey design and engineering
Projects realised in over 50 countries
Innovative solutions for extreme climates
Crop consultancy and international knowledge sharing
Semi-closed ModulAIR greenhouses
Reliable partner for feasibility studies

Sustainable and innovative solutions worldwide

Van der Hoeven’s team of specialists and professionals strives each day to improve projects while developing new technologies and sustainable solutions. With customer care as a key value, the company is always on hand to provide growers with technical support if requested. Van der Hoeven helps its customers build long-term relationships with their customers.

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