Masterclass: Roadmap to successful business in South India

India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is expected to become the 3th largest economy by 2030. The Indian market offers lots of opportunities for Dutch horticultural companies. With 28 states and large market differences between them, it requires the right knowledge, network and preparation to make a successful market entry.  

The Business Support Program by RVO & Export Partner helps you build a tailor made roadmap and network, to successfully enter the South Indian market.

This program provides Dutch SME’s with support and intensive guidance in their market entry in India, focusing on southern states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The purpose of this masterclass is to build business knowledge and competencies to achieve sustainable trade relations and business in Southern India.

The South India Business Support Program consists of 3 days with 4 masterclasses and a field visit to a successful Dutch company, active in South India. The Program includes:

  • Guidance to develop your business model, market entry strategy and proposition
  • All relevant information about doing business in South India and insights into fiscal, legal and customs aspects
  • Learning from Dutch companies who have experience in this region
  • Building your first business connections and network in South India

Dutch Greenhouse Delta recommends this program to companies that are not yet engaged in business in India, but wish to get acquainted with this growing economy. The program provides valuable insights into market opportunities and offers meaningful connections, enabling a thorough validation of your business model right from the start.

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Join Dutch Greenhouse Delta India

If India proves to be a compelling market for your company and aligns with your business model, we invite you to join DGD India. We consist of a group of leading Dutch horticultural companies, with a extensive network with large potential in India. Together, we possess significant leverage and sustainable trade relationships, through which we capitalize on compelling business opportunities.

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