Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, removal, sequestration and reutilization solutions

Skytree is a climate-tech startup, dedicated to supporting greenhouses with their CO2 needs.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Skytree harnesses CO2 from ambient air through the power of direct air capture technology (DAC). By providing local, onsite CO2 generation across multiple markets including indoor farming, greenhouses as well as mineralization, Skytree enables a transition away from fossil fuel-based industrial processes and avoids transport to where the CO2 is needed, allowing greenhouses and CEA focused businesses to avoid amplified emissions, while also securing their CO2 supply.  The company’s core technology captures CO2 from ambient air and stores it in pressurized buffer tanks where it can be accessed for multiple applications. The modular technology can be set up quickly at any location and scaled to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. 

Born out of the European Space Agency (ESA), during the development of a CO2 scrubber, space scientists evaluated over 50 sorbents. Skytree founder, Max Beaumont, was a system engineer on this team and spun out the technology through the ESA incubator program ‘ESA-BIC’. With a decade of research & development, the company has since registered 17 patents, in 5 patent families across US, Europe and China and is ready to monetize the technology through multiple use cases. 

Unique in its holistic approach of turnkey in-house design and realisation of complex projects.

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