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As part of the HX Group of companies  and together with its partner companies we are developing projects in China. Our base is to ensure a solid ROI and sustainable earning model for our Agricultural projects in China. 

With our company in China (located in the Shanghai region) and 2 offices in the Netherlands, we focus on developing projects in which Agri- and Horticulture play a major role. With high performance project management, feasible business studies, we cooperate with Dutch horti- and agricultural technology companies and connect with Chinese / Dutch investors. By forming alliances with multidisciplinary companies we strive implement the European standard for growing fruit and vegetables in China.


We are proud that we have been recycling in-house for over 30 years. Not only our own products but also the waste of our foil and production. We increased the capacity of our recycling department for PS material so that we can process even more returned material. We will be happy to collect your used PS trays so that they can be recycled and made into new trays.

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