Recap: Dutch Horti Roadshow to Chengdu

Dutch Greenhouse Delta traveled to Chengdu for a visit to the World Horti Expo 2024 and to participate in the Dutch Horti Roadshow in Chengdu. The aim of the roadshow was to promote joint development of the flower industry between China and the Netherlands.

We look back on a successful roadshow, where:

  • We had the opportunity to showcase sustainable solutions and knowledge to local companies and institutions.
  • We gained a lot of information about the Chengdu region, a region that boasts thousands of kilometres of fertile land, located in the hinterland of the ‘Land of Abundance’
  • Through field visits to Jinpin Flower Seedlings and Taili Grange, we gained insight into floriculture in Chengdu.
  • Our DGD-representative Michael Min presented how Dutch horticulture is addressing climate change. And how, by applying high-quality horticultural technology, we not only meet operational demands but also increase yields and the quality of agricultural products.
  • New connections were made for long-term collaborations between the Netherlands and China

This Roadshow was organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Beijing and the NBSO China.