Official Indian Delegation Visits Netherlands for Agricultural Collaboration

Yesterday, a prestigious delegation from India’s Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare was welcomed at World Horti Center by Mirjam Boekestijn (Dutch Greenhouse Delta), Carine Eijkelkamp (HortiRoad2India) and Puck van Holsteijn (World Horti Center), along with special envoy Frederik Vossenaar (Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality).

Their visit was part of a broader mission from India to the Netherlands, tied to the 7th India-Netherlands Joint Agricultural Working Group (JAWG7). This platform highlights joint efforts focused on sustainable agriculture and high-tech horticultural solutions.

The initiative HortiRoad2India, spearheaded by DGD, Innovation Quarter, and Rotterdam Partners, played a key role in the discussions about establishing 25 Centers of Excellence in Agriculture in India with Dutch assistance. This initiative aims to bridge Dutch innovations with the Indian horticultural market.

The visit to World Horti Center gave the Indian delegation an up-close look at the advanced technologies and systems that the Dutch horticultural sector has to offer. These technologies, which we aim to integrate through our HortiRoad2India initiative, demonstrate our commitment to adapting these solutions to the Indian context.

Read more about this public-private partnership here:

Together, we are building towards a sustainable and profitable food system for India!