Many opportunities for collaboration with Oman

Our Director MEA, Giovanni Angiolini, has been on a productive journey in Oman, attending the Oman Sustainability Week – OSW. His focus? Exploring opportunities for Dutch horticulture and water technology in the Gulf region.

Giovanni engaged with key stakeholders, including the Dean of the Agricultural & Marine Sciences Department at Sultan Qaboos University. These dialogues hinted at potential collaborations ahead. Alongside business, Giovanni joined in the Kingsday celebration, connecting with fellow ‘Dutchies’ in Oman and esteemed guests.

From meetings with NL Ambassador Stella Kloth to discussions at the Omani Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth, and Water Resources, Giovanni laid the groundwork for meaningful partnerships. Topics included bilateral interests and potential Dutch contributions to Oman’s food security initiatives. Despite challenges, Oman’s dedication to sustainable agriculture resonates with our mission. While working through these challenges, we find chances to work together on new, innovative solutions.

The journey concluded with a visit to the SOHAR Port and Freezone (Sofie Tolk), offering potential for the development of a sustainable agri-city. Discussions on regional market integration and industry synergy highlight opportunities for collaboration between Oman and the Netherlands.