FoodVentures Joins DGD to Advance its Mission Towards Sustainable Food Systems

“Producing Close to Consumption”

The innovative Dutch horticultural sector drives positive transitions worldwide. Dutch Greenhouse Delta, together with its partners, accelerates these transitions by closely collaborating with local stakeholders. In order to generate international impact in sustainability, food safety, and food security, it’s crucial that partners share our global mission and contribute to essential transitions. We interviewed Dirk Aleven, CEO of FoodVentures, about the importance of collective collaboration and the transitions the company is achieving internationally.

For FoodVentures, joining Dutch Greenhouse Delta is a strategic move to promote the collective strength of the Dutch horticulture sector internationally. This new partner of DGD offers comprehensive solutions for investors to develop large-scale vegetable greenhouses. FoodVentures takes full responsibility for development, construction, and operation. Dirk Aleven explains: ‘In this process, FoodVentures acts as the operator, providing a total solution for the end-user. We manage an entire greenhouse, at our own expense and risk. If you were to make a comparison to Formula 1, we are the drivers and managers of the F1 car.’

Collective strength

For FoodVentures, collaborating in international promotion was a significant reason for joining DGD. ‘End-users increasingly demand a comprehensive solution. That means, in our view, that collaborating in joint promotion is important. Additionally, we need to focus more on end products and results and less on specific techniques and individual business interests. Dutch Greenhouse Delta succeeds in promoting the collective strength of the Dutch horticultural sector internationally,’ Dirk explains.

‘The Netherlands is fragmented, with a wealth of specialized knowledge and technology. Societal issues, end-users, and markets demand a collective approach. It’s essential for the sector to collaborate collectively, including in the international promotion of the sector, as we do within Dutch Greenhouse Delta,’ Dirk continues.

Positive transitions within frontier markets

FoodVentures has developed a blueprint for managing greenhouse businesses worldwide in a healthy, profitable, and sustainable manner. They particularly do this in areas where Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is relatively new. Within frontier markets – areas in transition – they bring production close to consumption. ‘In this way, we make a significant contribution to sustainable food systems globally and achieve positive transitions,’ says Dirk. The company has ambitions to continue growing and aims to play a leading role in the transition to successful CEA projects worldwide.