DGD welcomes new partners

Dutch Greenhouse Delta continues to grow with four new partner companies. Read everything about it here!

Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) is proud to welcome four new partner companies this year. “The arrival of Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Signify, Logiqs and Koppert Biological Systems, signifies the addition of an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience in all horticultural disciplines”, says Eric Egberts, CEO of Dutch Greenhouse Delta.

In total, DGD is working with no fewer than 25 partners, with whom they are collectively offering a horticultural eco-system through Fork2Farm, consisting of science, entrepreneurship, education and government.

Tackle challenges together

“We can see that globalisation is happening very quickly but, at the same time, we’re seeing countries closing their borders. The demand for healthy, fresh, sustainable and locally-grown food is therefore rising dramatically. The scale and complexity of projects is also increasing. If we tackle these challenges collectively, we can make a substantial contribution to the supply of sufficient healthy, affordable and safe food which is produced sustainably and locally. Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Signify, Logiqs and Koppert Biological Systems are a great complement in contributing to the realization of this ambition.” Eric Egberts, states.

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Contributing to a sustainable approach

Hoogendoorn Growth Management develops the most advanced process computers, which contribute to an efficient and sustainable approach to water, climate and energy. Angela Barendregt, Project Manager of International Business & Strategy at Hoogendoorn explains why they decided to become a partner of DGD: “In a world where change is a constant factor, horticultural companies must innovate at lightning speed. Chain cooperation should be seen as the key to accelerating the development of new technologies in this world. Dutch Greenhouse Delta can be regarded as a pathfinder for many growers in the world who are looking for innovative and sustainable technological solutions.”

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A Dutch company that is the world leader in integrated solutions

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, is the market leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and the Internet of Things. Signify has also been active for 12 years in LED lighting for horticulture and multilayer cultivation. Through Signify’s knowledge of crop growth, lighting, the market and the delivery of quality products, their grow lights have increased the yield, quality and predictability of the crop. “With food safety and the local production of fresh and healthy food becoming increasingly important, it is vital that Dutch companies work together. The Dutch horticultural sector and related companies are world leaders in the field of sustainable food cultivation and in finding and offering integrated solutions to the problems that all the major cities in the world are currently facing. Our joint approach and technological expertise in the field of horticulture has a solid reputation and we must continue to build on this internationally,” says Han Bruins, Global Segment Manager City Farming at Signify.

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Collaboration is the key to success

Logiqs advises, designs, manufactures and installs complete logistic systems, manual or fully automated, for horticulture, vertical horticulture and logistics. With more than 45 years of experience and know-how, gained in the field of internal transport and logistics systems for greenhouses, they help their customers to achieve higher profitability and a stronger competitive position in their markets. Gert-Jan van Staalduinen, owner of Logiqs explains the collaboration with DGD: Research undertaken by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) shows that future food production will be more about technology. The integration of our internal logistics with high-tech computers, sensors and robots will ensure the production of healthy and safe crops, both for greenhouse horticulture and for Vertical Farming. I am convinced that collaborating with parties who each have their own expertise is the key to success.”

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Clustering knowledge and expertise in one strong partnership

Koppert Biological Systems is expanding the horticultural eco-system with a producer of sustainable solutions for the cultivation of food crops and ornamental plants. Together with growers and in harmony with nature, Koppert Biological Systems is committed to making agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and more resilient. They achieve this by using natural predators to control pests, bumblebees for natural pollination and bio-stimulants to strengthen crops, both above and below ground. Yassin Lahiani, Export Manager MENA & India: We are seeing in many countries an increasing focus on local food production, food security and food safety. The number of large-scale, complex turnkey projects is increasing in those countries. Only by working together in this consortium can we, as Dutch horticultural entrepreneurs, compete pre-competitively for these complex horticultural projects. DGD works together with governments, research institutes and it clusters the knowledge and expertise of the entire chain in one strong partnership.”

About Dutch Greenhouse Delta

Dutch Greenhouse Delta was founded in September 2017 to market Dutch greenhouse horticulture worldwide as a cluster. They do this by offering the entire horticultural eco-system of Fork2Farm, consisting of science, enterprise, education and government, in a number of focus regions. The foundation focuses on large-scale complex projects and issues relating to food and horticulture in expanding mega-cities. At the present time, 25 greenhouse horticulture companies and the branch organisations AVAG and LTO Glaskracht are affiliated with their members, all of whom are contributing to the realisation of the foundation’s activities. 

Want to know more?

For more information: contact Eric Egberts, CEO Dutch Greenhouse Delta: +31 6 51388039 or  eric.egberts@dutchgreenhousedelta.com