DGD and AVAG Join Forces for International Promotion of Horticulture

During the General Members Meeting of AVAG, the members voted in favor of a collaboration with Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD). This decision aligns the internationalization activities of AVAG and DGD. This demonstrates that the horticulture sector recognizes the collective importance of international cooperation.

AVAG and DGD believe that collaboration on internationalization contributes to the efficient and effective promotion of the Dutch horticulture sector abroad. On Tuesday, December 12, the members present at the AVAG General Members Meeting unanimously voted for this collaboration.

AVAG Greenhouse Technology Center

Trade association AVAG Greenhouse Technology Center represents 80 companies from the horticultural technology sector and has internationalization as one of its cornerstones, to increase the visibility of AVAG companies abroad. AVAG’s international efforts include managing the strategic exhibition program GreenTech Amsterdam and GreenTech Americas, market explorations, trade missions, and participating in networks such as VNO-NCW, PlantNet International, Topsector Horticulture and Starting Materials, and Greenports Netherlands.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta

Since 2018, Dutch Greenhouse Delta has formed a powerful platform that promotes the Dutch horticulture sector internationally and identifies business opportunities. DGD brings together leading Dutch companies, educational institutions, and government to build commercial relationships in regions with significant growth potential for horticulture.

Joining Forces on Internationalization

Both parties remain independent, merging their knowledge, experience, and networks to make internationalization activities more efficient. The collaboration will be further implemented in the coming period. AVAG has previously realized collaborations on strategic themes with HortiQ and Hortivation. For the international promotion of the sector, they will collaborate through the DGD brand, which is widely supported and internationally recognized.

The AVAG board recommends its members also become partners of DGD. Starting January 1, 2024, DGD partnership will become more affordable and accessible for both AVAG members and other horticultural organizations. This partnership includes market exploration and promotion by DGD, with possibilities for expansion to DGD’s International Alliances. These International Alliances focus on local challenges and opportunities in regions like China, India, and the Gulf Region, building long-term relationships that lead to commercial opportunities.