Aftermovie: Dutch Horticulture Thrived on the Global Stage during GreenTech

Public and Private Partners Reflect on a Successful GreenTech Week

This week, the Dutch business community and government partners came together with a unified mission: to offer hundreds of international guests an unforgettable experience in the Netherlands’ innovative horticulture sector. The impressive program, filled with knowledge sharing and matchmaking, facilitated valuable connections between international delegations and the Netherlands, significantly advancing global food security efforts.

Investors, government officials, growers, and entrepreneurs from around the world converged to learn about the unique Dutch horticultural ecosystem. Public and private partners collaborated to highlight the sector’s strengths on the global stage and showcase Dutch expertise during the GreenTech trade show held in Amsterdam from June 11 to 13.

Customized CEA Program

Through the Strategic Trade Show Program, international guests explored every facet of the sector. The objective was to establish valuable connections for long-term collaboration between Dutch companies, knowledge institutions, and international stakeholders. Tailored programs guided delegations to high-tech greenhouses, vertical farms, tech experts, supermarkets, knowledge and research centers, and, of course, GreenTech. Here, the crucial role of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in addressing global food issues and sustainable production of flowers and plants was highlighted.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

Delegations from Brazil, Canada, China, the Gulf Region, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Korea, the USA, and Central Asia gathered on Monday evening, June 10, at the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk for an Exclusive Networking Dinner. On the eve of GreenTech, they enjoyed fresh local products while connecting with Dutch companies and knowledge institutions. The dinner was a resounding success, as was the Networking Lunch at the NL Pavilion during GreenTech, which facilitated promising commercial opportunities. Various events at GreenTech’s central location were organized to share valuable knowledge and networks with international visitors, including seminars on CEA and Water Management.

The Netherlands as the Epicenter of Horticulture

The Netherlands has long been the epicenter of sustainable horticulture, and this week, with all the international attention, valuable connections, and innovative inspiration, the Dutch horticultural sector thrived even more. The partners of the Strategic Trade Show Program proudly reflect on a week where many seeds were planted for international cooperation on global challenges like climate change, water scarcity, and food security. A delegation member from the Gulf region shared his experience: “The information we received during this week will guide us to great developments for sustainably producing our food.”

About the Strategic Trade Fair Program

The Strategic Trade Fair Program is an instrument of Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials. The program aims to promote the Dutch horticulture sector internationally and showcase Dutch expertise as a collective to foster long-term collaborations and new business opportunities. Dutch Greenhouse Delta, AVAG, World Horti Center, the Municipality of Westland, RVO, the Top Sector Horticulture & Starting Materials, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and GreenTech are jointly committed to implementing this program.