Dutch Horticulture Takes the Next Step in Collaboration with Kazakhstan

Dutch Greenhouse reflects on a successful participation in AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2023. Last week, Dutch Greenhouse Delta, along with key representatives from the Dutch government and business community, traveled to Almaty to promote Dutch agri solutions in Kazakhstan. The Netherlands has a strong relationship with the country and ranks among Kazakhstan’s top 10 trading partners. This mission has further contributed to the collaboration and the emergence of new opportunities to enhance the agricultural sector in Kazakhstan.

AgroWorld, the largest agriculture exhibition in Central Asia, served as a significant milestone in the collaboration and opportunities for agricultural innovation between Kazakhstan and The Netherlands. The Netherlands brings valuable expertise to reach Kazakhstan’s ambition to modernize its agricultural sector and increase agricultural exports to neighboring countries. At AgroWorld the Netherlands presented their innovate solutions to help Kazakhstan achieve its agricultural goals.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta was one of the coordinating partners of the Netherlands Pavilion at AgroWorld. The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the advantages of high-tech horticulture and promote collaboration in the agricultural sector. In addition to the exhibition, an insightful program was organized. Daria van der Heijden, business development manager at Dutch Greenhouse Delta, tells: “It was great to witness how the Netherlands had a significant impact as a country partner at the AgroWorld trade fair. The round table on collaboration in agricultural innovation, powered by DGD and Kazakh Invest, served as an important platform for knowledge sharing and expertise exchange. Dutch and Kazakh speakers from various companies and institutions came together to present themselves and discuss challenges as it is an effective way to address issues and find innovative solutions.”

During AgroWorld 2023, the bilateral meeting between the Vice Minister of Agriculture, Azat Sultanov, and the Secretary-General of the Netherlands, SG Goet, was a pivotal moment in enhancing cooperation between the two countries. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the establishment of an official Agricultural Working Group underscore the commitment.