Leading delegations from all over the world to the Netherlands for GreenTech and Floriade

During the week of June 12 to 17, ministries, investors, horticultural entrepreneurs, universities, and horticulture associations from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kazakhstan, and the US will visit the Dutch horticultural sector. The goal of these high-level incoming missions is to gain insight into how the Dutch ecosystem and Dutch advanced and smart tech solutions contribute to producing food safely and food securely. The incoming mission from the UAE is officially chaired by Her Excellency Mariam Bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Almheiri, the Minister of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates. The incoming mission from Kazakhstan is chaired by Tamabek Abylkhair Galymuly, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.

Countries worldwide, increasingly have ambitions to become more self-sufficient and produce fresh food locally in an efficient, sustainable way. In recent years the UAE, Kazakhstan, and the USA – the government as well as the business community – showed great interest in Dutch advanced and high-tech solutions to produce food safely and food securely. They have been visited by the Dutch horticulture cluster in recent years with outgoing missions, and an extensive relationship network has now been established with governments, investors, and horticulture entrepreneurs. The incoming missions in June are organized by the embassies and horticulture posts in said countries in close cooperation with various Dutch sector parties. The central themes are food production, horticulture education, start-ups and scale-ups, investments and finance, and the role of governments.

The Netherlands has every element of the ecosystem

Besides visiting GreenTech in the RAI Amsterdam, known as the worldwide meeting place for all professionals involved in horticultural technology, they will also visit the world horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere. The remaining days will be filled with meetings with horticultural (technology) companies, government agencies, and agricultural training institutes. There will also be plenty of networking and matchmaking opportunities.

The Dutch horticultural cluster already organized the successful Horticultural Days at Expo 2020 Dubai (UAE) in February this year, where the Netherlands showed that it has all the necessary in-house knowledge and solutions to shape food production in an efficient, sustainable and safe manner thanks to the ‘Uniting Water Energy Food’ theme. Many leading horticultural entrepreneurs participated in the Horticultural Days. Sky Kurtz, CEO of the innovative company Pure Harvest Smart Farms said there: ”What I find remarkable about the Netherlands, and what is unique in the world apart from perhaps Silicon Valley, is that horticulture in the Netherlands has every element of the eco-system; investors, governments, technology companies, service providers and retailers; from development to sales. They work closely together and have an enormous knowledge and understanding of the value that each represents.’’

Special program in the Vision Theatre at GreenTech

Especially for the incoming missions, GreenTech organizes an interactive and international knowledge program at the Vision Theatre on the Opening day. Minister Almheiri will officially kick off the event and companies will discuss how the application of sustainable and innovative technologies offers solutions for the water-food nexus. ’’The UAE session is on The impact of food-tech hubs in the UAE on the water-food nexus. The US session is about energy, education, and workforce, and how the United States is building its own food security solution. To explain the best approach for the United States, two experts from a research and development perspective, a best practice case from the Netherlands, and two current development projects in California and Kentucky will be highlighted. Furthermore, various experts will also discuss the state of innovation and sustainability in the horticultural sector, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals’’, says Mariska Dreshler, CEO of the GreenTech.

Get in touch with the most innovative researchers, entrepreneurs, and other changemakers from the Netherlands and the rest of the world, and share your ideas at GreenTech. The GreenTech takes place from June 14 to June 16 in the RAI Amsterdam. Tickets are for sale at the GreenTech-website.

Organizing parties

The incoming mission is organized by AVAG, Dutch Greenhouse Delta, GreenTech, HortiHeroes, NLWorks, Innovation Quarter, Council of Agriculture in the UAE, Dutch Embassy in the UAE, Rotterdam Partners, Top Sector Horticulture and Starting Materials, Netherlands Administration for Entrepreneurship and World Horti Center.