Indo-Dutch Collaboration for Sustainable Food Systems

Meet horticulture experts from the Netherlands during Fresh Produce India

What does the future of food look like for India? Dutch experts, pioneers in sustainable greenhouse horticulture, believe that their cutting-edge approach can be the key to an efficient chain, supplying high-quality fruits and vegetables for both domestic and foreign consumption. The business case is promising, offering high returns both financially and in terms of sustainability. Therefore, the Dutch are eager to engage with those willing to invest in the future of food in India. Meet them during their trade mission from March 20 to 29, to Mumbai, Kochi, and Bengaluru.

The Netherlands is renowned for their horticultural excellence. Their solutions offer maximum resource efficiency and creates highly profitable and sustainable food systems. “We believe we can make great impact on India’s food system together”, says Desh Ramnath, director India at Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD), and coordinator of HortiRoad2India, together with Innovation Quarter and Rotterdam Partners. This public-private initiative focuses on creating long-term Indo-Dutch partnerships to jointly create sustainable food systems.

Ramnath continues: “Our ‘Fork2Farm’ market approach starts by exploring the market demand, and creating a business model which solves consumer needs. Through our high-tech greenhouses, innovative technology, and distribution solutions, AND an efficient supply chain, Indian growers will be able to deliver fresh, high-quality products on time that meet all the requirements of the retailer and the growing middle class. This approach also promises opportunities for exporting products abroad, for instance to the Gulf region.”

Trade mission to Mumbai, Kochi and Bengaluru

The cluster of leading Dutch companies will be heading to Mumbai, Kochi, and Bengaluru from March 20 to 29 to seek collaboration partners to optimize the Indian supply chain. Desh Ramnath explains: “We want to jointly initiate feasibility studies and business plans. This will allow us to conceive a comprehensive supply chain solution that can be developed within a relatively short timeframe”.

Fresh Produce India, Mumbai, 21-22 March 2024

The Dutch will promote their innovative solutions and their integral approach, during the Fresh Produce India expo in Mumbai, on 21 and 22 March. Anyone interested in investing in India’s future of food, is welcome to meet the cluster members at the Netherlands stand at the expo. The HortiRoad2India cluster will also organize free knowledge sessions during the event, on Thursday 21 March from 15:00 – 15:40.

Connect with Dutch experts in Mumbai, Kochi, and Bengaluru

Following the expo, the trade mission continues in Kochi (Kerala), to engage in discussions with retailers, the hospitality sector, traders, and government officials. The trip concludes in Bengaluru, where the cluster will meet with existing connections from previous trade missions to India.

Join us in forging a sustainable future for India’s food industry. Connect with HortiRoad2India today to explore how we can make a lasting impact together. Please visit our website at or contact coordinator Desh Ramnath via

The coordinating partners are Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Innovation Quarter and Rotterdam Partners. Members are Broekman Logistics, Priva, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Grodan, Meteor Systems, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, Cultilene, KUBO Greenhouse Projects, Bayer de Ruiter Seeds and the Municipality of Westland.