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Plant Technology & Factory automation

Viscon Group

Viscon Group envisions a world where people, plants, and animals can thrive. We are passionate about agro and food processes, leveraging the limitless possibilities of technology to produce, distribute, and enjoy healthy fresh food, flowers, and plants by designing processes that allow you to do more with less. Our mission is to make food and agricultural processes more sustainably profitable, scalable, and user-friendly through state-of-the-art technology and knowledge.

We design. We build. We fully integrate.

As tech enthusiasts, Viscon Group dives head-first into challenging processes, combining our plant knowledge, technology, and software to create innovative solutions. We build machines, but more importantly, we develop integrations and total solutions.

Our extensive experience in each market enables us to understand the operations, opportunities, and challenges of propagators, growers, packers, and factory managers, allowing us to design the best production layouts for your company.

Innovative Solutions Across the Supply Chain

We offer innovative solutions for the horticultural and fruit & vegetable markets, covering the complete chain from breeding to packaging. Our solutions increase speed and quality, often reducing the need for expensive labor, which is increasingly hard to find these days. Crossovers enable us to acquire the best ideas from one sector and introduce them into the next, bringing innovation and inspiration to our employees and partners everywhere we go.

Our expertise:

Our Viscon DNA drives us to constantly ask questions, learn every day, and develop new business in emerging markets. By combining standard products with disruptive technologies, we find future-proof solutions that push the boundaries of everyday production.