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Passionate about Agro and Food processes and the limitless possibilities technology has to offer. Viscon’s software, machinery and solutions enable the world to produce, distribute and enjoy healthy fresh food, flowers and plants.

They know no bounds when it comes to adventure, diversity and inspiration. As tech-enthusiasts, Viscon Group dives head-first into challenging processes, using technology to create innovative solutions. They dare to experiment. The development of ideas and talent: that’s their goal!

We design. We build. We fully integrate.

We design and build your entire production process, combining Viscon automation with specific equipment sourced from carefully selected partners. This means you will always find the best solution.

As a system integrator, Viscon makes a seamless connection between own automation equipment and any third-party machines. We even add intelligent software helping you to control, manage and scale your business. Our software platform integrates all automation equipment, allowing complete control of your facility.

Unique Selling Points

Partners cases

Ter laak daylight kas

The Daylight Greenhouse

In addition to top-quality Phalaenopsis, Dutch family-owned company Ter Laak puts sustainable innovation high on the agenda. In 2018, working with partners including Priva and Stolze Installatietechniek, the company established the very first “Daylight Greenhouse” covering an area of over five hectares.

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Indoor Growing

The advantages of indoor growing

Today, in theory, there is enough food on the planet to feed approximately 12 billion people, but the way it is distributed around the world is inefficient and unsustainable. As food is transported across the entire globe, its shelf life or freshness tends to deteriorate considerably and a lot of food often goes to waste.

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