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Syngenta's ambition is to provide enough, better food while protecting the environment

Syngenta plays a vital role in enabling the food chain to feed the world safely and take care of our planet. Their ambition is to be the most collaborative and trusted team in agriculture, providing leading seeds and crop protection innovations to enhance the prosperity of farmers, wherever they are.

Growing vegetables is a complex business

Syngenta is dedicated to supporting its customers and partners around the world to produce healthy, tasty, affordable produce that meets exacting consumer demands.

Syngenta meets the needs of diverse customers and growing systems from large farms and highly-intensive production systems to smallholders in emerging markets. Their aim is to increase yield in a sustainable way, with new traits to increase quality, as well as integrated pest and disease management to protect crops.

They drive innovation to improve flavor, quality, convenience, and productivity for the benefit of growers, marketers, retailers, and consumers around the world.

Why Syngenta?

Syngenta works across the value chain to address today’s increasing demand for healthy, fresh produce. They serve a growing, dynamic industry with diverse local grower needs.
Through their dedicated and specialized teams, Syngenta brings their expertise in genetics, crop management efficiency, and value chain relationships to support:

increased vegetable yield and quality, improved pest and disease control, and higher ROI for growers

improved crop uniformity, increased shelf life and product safety

better produce flavor, color, shape, appeal, and convenience while also reducing food waste and improving natural resource management

Partners cases

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