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Modiform is a producer of cultivation, transport, and packaging solutions for the worldwide Horticultural sector. We work with latest thermoform and injection molding technics to produce the most innovative and sustainable products.

We recover materials from the environment and upcycle these into high-quality, smart, and sustainable products. Modiform was already actively engaged in responsible and sustainable business 45 years ago, and to this day we continue to take new steps towards a cleaner world.

The very foundation of Modiform, our family company, is based on sustainable thinking and acting. Just like nature, we are constantly searching for new ways. We have been upcycling materials into high-quality and distinctive products and concepts since 1980. Each day, we give new life to recycled materials. Sustainable business is in our genes. We consistently pay careful attention to our customers and the market. Working with our customers, we create well-designed, trendsetting solutions for growing systems, packaging, and transport that are suited to today’s challenges. Together with our customers, we tackle the challenge of getting the very best out of their company – now and in the future.

In-house recycling

We are proud that we have been recycling in-house for over 30 years. Not only our own products but also the waste of our foil and production. We increased the capacity of our recycling department for PS material so that we can process even more returned material.

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