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Logiqs advises, designs, produces and installs complete logistics systems for greenhouses and vertical farms, that help solve their customers’ production challenges. Logiqs automated cultivation systems give growers an unparalleled level of control through their industry-leading control and registration software.

Their focus has remained unchanged throughout the years: Deliver purposeful innovation that adds true value to the customers’ business.

Higher efficiency with less labour

All LOGIQS logistics systems are designed to offer maximum flexibility for the customers short-term needs as well as their long-term plans. So even systems designed at first for manual use can be later fitted with state of the art automation solutions without requiring large scale modifications.

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New Partner MJ-Tech

MJ-Tech; a rapidly growing and ambitious company has joined our cluster! The Brabant-based company MJ Tech has been producing tailor-made high-pressure misting systems to control crop growth for 30 years. MJ-Tech’s high-pressure misting systems result in an optimal temperature and humidity, allowing for better control of the crop’s moisture absorption.

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