Sowing and rooting young plants

Hortimec is a family-owned business that focuses on young plant technology.

We are a lean company working with a network of engineers. Hortimec focuses on young plant technology, such as rooting techniques and seeding techniques. Our specialized techniques for growing young plants include state-of-the-art spraying booms. These booms are adapted and tailor-made for local requirements, ensuring uniform watering and effective phyto-sanitary treatment. The software that accompanies our spraying booms is developed according to the latest insights, providing advanced control and monitoring capabilities. Additionally, our booms contribute to uniform rooting and growth, as well as effective non-chemical phytosanitary treatment and anti-fungal disinfection. We have realised projects in many countries, such as Holland, Germany, Italy, CIS-countries and Great-Britain. Hortimec is committed to providing innovative solutions for the young plant growers in the horticulture industry.

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