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Gakon Netafim is a world leader in greenhouse farming, providing growers with a comprehensive offering of the best greenhouse solutions. Gakon Netafim brings together 70 years of Dutch heritage in glasshouse manufacturing and Netafim’s global presence and precision agricultural innovation. Their turnkey commercial greenhouse projects are implemented worldwide and build on extensive agronomic knowledge, manufacturing capabilities, and project management experience. By enabling farmers to grow fresh produce year-round in any climate, we play an important role in supporting local and sustainable food production.

From Idea to Execution

Whether you need technical guidance or end-to-end greenhouse project management, Gakon Netafim is there to deliver the level of support you need. You can choose a tailor-made irrigation solution with Netafim Services or partner with Netafim Projects where you will benefit from their profound agricultural expertise, advanced engineering capabilities, and superior execution – all the ingredients you need to produce a successful agricultural project

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