Codema Systems Group

Technical supplier

Essential custom-made horticultural solutions

Codema has been providing essential custom-made solutions for the horticulture sector since 1958. We improve grower efficiency by applying our extensive experience in six core disciplines: water management, climate control, engineering and construction, cultivation systems, power and lighting and software and web solutions.

Best possible return on investment
Professional service and maintenance support
Continuous innovation and global knowledge exchange
Involved and committed from the outset
Increased production and plant uniformity
High-quality, consistent horticultural solutions

“Your world is our world”

Codema understands and supports growers. We share horticultural expertise through intensive cooperation and by applying the Codema ‘design, develop and deliver’ method. Our collaborative approach forges partnerships and facilitates innovation and the co-creation of sustainable products and services. Codema’s customers place great value on what we do and have been applying our solutions for many years.

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