BOM Group

Greenhouse construction

Innovative horticultural projects in every climate zone!

Bom Group, founded over 50 years ago, is a pioneer in greenhouse construction, screens and climate systems. A well-established company that has introduced many groundbreaking, technical innovations, Bom Group supplies customised solutions for high-tech greenhouse horticulture worldwide.

In-house development and production
One-stop shop: greenhouse, screens and climate systems
Active in all climate zones
Worldwide innovative projects
Reliable consulting partner
More than 50 years’ experience

“The future depends on what you do now”

Key projects in Bom Group’s portfolio include KAS2030, the All-Climate Greenhouse, the Winterlight Greenhouse and the Watersaving Greenhouse. The company uses its knowledge, experience and network to develop sustainable horticultural projects that are cost-effective and help solve global challenges – because “the future depends on what you do now”.

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