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Vegetable breeding for the 21st century

BASF Vegetable Seeds focuses on creating vegetable varieties that meet local market needs for nutrition, health, convenience, sustainability and profitability. BASF strives to develop consumer-oriented vegetable solutions through strong partnerships with customers and companies in the value chain.

Together, keeping ahead of a changing world

Rapid transformations are taking place. At the same time, we must meet consumer demand. Due to culinary preferences and lifestyle changes, consumers want a wider range of vegetables that are both tasty and healthy. By developing suitable varieties and forging partnerships throughout the entire industry, BASF aims to keep ahead of a changing world. It believes collaboration and synergies inspire innovation and lead to even smarter solutions.


Partners cases

‘Responding to consumer requirements in order to make optimal use of vertical farming opportunities’

Vertical farming projects are now sprouting up all over the world. Signify and BASF’s Vegetable Seeds Business are actively involved with these types of projects. They have emphasised the importance of specifically focussing as much of a vertical farming project on the consumer’s needs and requirements as possible. Both parties are looking into how they can strengthen and support each other here.

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